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Orange Dessert Loaf

Bake Fresh Orange Chiffon Cake (Small Cake)
as directed in loaf pan. Cool completely.

Split cooled cake crosswise into 3 even layers.
Spread Fresh Orange Filling and sweetened
whipped cream* between the layers. Cover
top with whipped cream. Chill in refrigerator
1 to 2 hours. Garnish with orange slices, if
desired. To serve, slice in pieces about 1-in.
thick. Serves 8 to 10.

*Use 1 cup of heavy cream sweetened with 1/4 cup
sugar. Grated chocolate may be folded into the
whipped cream.

Note: The official print ad calls for a 9 1/2-in.x5 1/4-in.x2 1/4-in. loaf pan. However, the baking temperature (325°) and time (50 to 55 min.) for a 5x10x3-in. loaf pan is the same.

Source: Official print ad.