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Betty Crocker

"Quick-and-Easy" Sponge Cake (1944)

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Perfect results assured only with
Gold Medal "Kitchen-tested" Flour

2 Eggs—1/4 tsp. Salt—1 cup Sugar—1/2
tsp. Lemon Extract—1/2 tsp. Grated Lemon
Rind—1/2 cup Milk—1 tbsp. Butter—1
cup sifted GOLD MEDAL "Kitchen-tested"
Flour—1 tsp. Baking Powder

ASSEMBLE ingredients. Beat eggs
with rotary beater till very light. Beat
in salt, sugar, lemon extract and rind.
beat in boiling hot milk which you've
heated with the butter. Sift GOLD
MEDAL Flour and baking powder to-
gether, beat into egg mixture . . . Pour
very quickly into well-greased-and-
floured 8" sq. pan (2" deep) or two
8" round layer pans 1 1/4" deep. Bake
immediately for 25 to 30 min. in mod-
oven (350°). Serve plain, with
fresh fruit or berries, or topped with
fruit, or with your favorite icing . . .
or with this
Place 2 cooled 8" layers of cake to-
with 3 tbsp. jelly spread be-
tween layers. Cover top, sides with
Whipped Jelly Icing. To make icing,
place 1/2 cup tart jelly (i.e., currant),
1 unbeaten egg white and dash of salt
in top of double boiler, place over
boiling water. Beat with rotary beater
till egg white and jelly are completely
blended. Remove from over hot water,
continue to beat till mixture stands in
peaks when you pull out beater. (Color
of jelly determines color of icing