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Betty Crocker

Nut and Fruit Loaves (1943)

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IMPORTANt: Use the recipes below with Gold Medal "Kitchen-
tested Flour. Perfect results
guaranteed with that flour only

3 cups sifted Gold Medal "Kitchen-
" Flour . . . 4 tsp. Baking Pow-
der . . . 1 tsp. Salt . . . 3/4 cup Sugar
. . . 3/4 cup chopped Nuts . . . 1 large
Egg . . . 1 1/2 cups Milk . . . 2 tbsp.
melted Shortening

Sift flour, baking powder, salt,
and sugar together. Add nuts. Stir in
well beaten egg mixed with milk.
Stir in the shortening. Pour into
greased bread loaf pan (8"x4"). Let
stand 20 min. at room temperature.
Bake about 70 minutes. in a moderate
oven (350ยบ). This makes a very high
loaf. For lower loaf, use a larger pan.

Follow the recipe for White Nut
Loaf . . . but use only 3/4 cup milk.
Add 4 tsp. grated orange rind and
3/4 cup orange juice.

PRUNE LOAF (illustrated)
Follow recipe for White Nut Loaf,
but omit nuts, use only 1/4 cup
milk. Add 1/4 cup prune juice and 1
cup chopped, cooked, well-drained
pitted prunes. (Too much liquid
makes loaf soggy. Drain prunes by
placing them first in a sieve to get
rid of most of liquid, then removing
pits and spreading on absorb-
ent paper to drain off re-
maining liquid.)
NOTE: Quick breads of this
type usually rise in center and
"crack." While they lack the
lightness of yeast breads, they
have pleasing moist eating