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Betty Crocker

Lemon Mist Pie (1943)

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BETTY CROCKER says: "Perfect re-
sults guaranteed only when Gold Medal 'Kitchen-tested' Enriched Flour is used"


8" Pie Shell (baked, cooled) . . . 3 small Egg
yollks . . . 5/8 cup (or 1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp.)
Sugar . . . 1/4 tsp. Salt . . . 3/4 tbsp. grated
Lemon Rind . . . 3 tbsp. unstrained Lemon Juice . . . 3
tbsp. lemon-flavored Gelatin (Jello-type) . . . 3/8 cup
(or 1/2 cup minus 2 tbsp.) Boiling Water . . . 3 small
Egg Whites . . . 1/4 tsp. Cr. of Tartar

BEAT egg yolks (with spoon) in top of double boiler.
Stir in half of the sugar (5 tbsp.), then salt, rind, and un-
strained fruit juice (with pulp). Cook over boiling
water, stirring occasionally, till mixture thickens and
coats spoon (about 10 min.). Stir boiling water into
flavored gelatin. Beat hot custard into it with rotary
beater. Cool thoroughly, till mixture begins to set
(25 to 45 min.). Beat slightly to break up. Let stand
while making meringue. Make meringue by beating
egg whites with cream of tartar till stiff, then gradu-
ally beating in rest of sugar (5 tbsp.). Beat till mixture
is stiff, glossy. Carefully fold meringue into cooled cus-
tard. Pile into cooled baked pie shell. Place in refrig-
erator till set, well chilled (at least 2 hrs.). Serve ice cold.

For the PASTRY use: 1 cup sifted GOLD MEDAL Flour
. . . 1/2 tsp. Salt . . . 1/3 cup Shortening* . . . 2 to 3 tbsp.
Ice Water (just enough to make dough stay together)

SIFT flour, salt together. Add half of shortening. Cut
it in with pastry blender till mixture looks like "meal."
Cut in remaining shortening, leaving it size of giant
peas. Sprinkle water gradually over the mixture. (blend it
in just enough to hold dough together when pressed into
). Round up on lightly floured cloth-covered
board, roll out 1/8" thick to fit pie pan. Put dough into
pan loosely to avoid stretching. Cut off extra dough,
build up fluted edge. Prick well with fork to prevent
puffing. Chill thoroughly. Bake 8 to 10 min. in very
hot oven
(470°). Makes one 9" or deep 8" shell.

*If you live in Southeast, and use Gold Medal
Soft Wheat Flour, use only 1/4 cup shortening